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The Soothing Center (2016)

The Soothing Center

curated by Jesse Firestone

Miami Art Week 2016
1510 Collins Ave
Dec 1 - Dec 4, 2016

Cole Lu, Keren Moscovitch, Mattia Casalegno, Blaire Edwards,
The Institute for New Feeling, Cosmic d'Alessandro

Hyperallergic, DigiCult, ArtFuse, ArtNet, Artspace, Playboy

The Soothing Center, making its debut at Satellite Art Show, is an artist-made pop up spa aimed at combating the daily bombardment of negative stimulation embedded in our material and media cultures. Like a traditional spa, The Soothing Center uses sensory based therapies to stimulate and engage the mind and body; however, unlike standard spas, the treatments available here have subtle yet undeniable conceptual underpinnings that address an array of topics including singularity, power dynamics, capitalism, identity, and intimacy. In many ways The Soothing Center is a cleanse where the body can recalibrate its relationship with itself, stimuli, and governing constructs. 

While formally a functioning spa, The Soothing Center is also an "intra-lational" art exhibition that brings together makers and practitioners from New York and Los Angeles to exhibit a special brand of psychoactive art that actively affects the viewer through chemistry, participation, and biohacking by utilizing wearable architecture, video meditations, herbalism, and poetic gestures. Ultimately, The Soothing Center is a respite and an oasis during the frenzy that is Art Basel Miami Beach. 

- Jesse Firestone, Dec 2016