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Never Ending Fugue (2014)

Never Ending Fugue (2014)

Theremin made by three rewired AM/FM radios, Ionic fluted pedestal column, black paint. 


Never Ending Fugue (2014) is an attempt to physically visualize the gap in communication. This piece is a theremin assembled by three radios that are rewired together. By tuning three different frequencies on the radios, it essentially cancels out the radios’ original frequencies. The sound that is generated through this process transforms the assemblage into a musical instrument. The viewer becomes the musician, standing in front of the instrument and controlling the sound without any physical contact. By simply moving one’s hands within proximity of its antennas, the viewer can control the frequency (pitch) that is emitted from the instrument. The movements of the thereminst’s hands can be seen as a non-verbal language. Its intention is to create a platform for those who are trying to express emotions through musical notes. The piece is attempting to emphasize the physical connection between viewers and the artwork without having actual contact. The viewer is challenged to experience the potential failure of mastering this instrument.

Cole Lu

May 2014