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Nobody's Home (2017)

April 14—May 9, 2017 at DEMO Project

NOBODY’S HOME: A collaborative exhibition by Lyndon Barrois Jr, Addoley Dzegede, Cole Lu, and Catalina Ouyang

“Tomorrow!” repeated Moominpappa with youthfully shining eyes.
“Tomorrow the Adventure will continue!” cried Hodgkins. “We’ll fly off in the Oshun Oxtra! Everyone! Mothers, father, and children!”
“Not tomorrow, tonight!” cried Moomintroll.

And in the foggy drawn they all tumbled out into the garden. The eastern sky was clearing, waiting for the sun to rise. It was at the ready, in a few minutes the night would be over, and everything could start anew from the beginning.

A dear door to the Unbelievable, to the Possible. A new day when everything may happen if you have no objection to it.